Peer Reviewed

Are Price Controls Fair?

Published in Supreme Court Economic Review

Nonideal Theory

Published in Ethics

When Justice Matters

Published in Ethics

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How to Deserve

Published in Political Theory

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A Place For Cost-Benefit Analysis

Published in Philosophical Issues (Noûs annual supplement)

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Natural Enemies: An Anatomy of Environmental Conflict

Published in Environmental Ethics 22 

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Diminishing Marginal Utility

Published in Journal of Value Inquiry

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Islands In a Sea of Obligation: An Essay on the Duty to Rescue

Published in Law & Philosophy

Are All Species Equal?

Published in Journal of Applied Philosophy

When Preservationism Doesn’t Preserve

Published in Environmental Values

Choosing Ends

Published in Ethics

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Rationality Within Reason

Published in Journal of Philosophy

Justifying the State

Published in Ethics

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When is Original Appropriation Required?

Published in Monist

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Charles Parsons on the Liar Paradox

Published in Erkenntnis

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Critical Notice: “Scheffler’s Hybrid Theory of the Right,”

Published in Noûs

Assurance Problems in a Laboratory Market

Published in Public Choice

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Contractarianism Without Foundations

Published in Philosophia

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Public Goods & Political Authority

Published in Philosophical Papers

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Pettit’s 'Free Riding & Foul Dealing'

Published in Australasian Journal of Philosophy

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The Tickle Defense Defense

Published in Philosophical Studies

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Freedom in the Best of all Worlds: 3 Replies to Leibniz

Published in American Journal of Theology and Phil

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Deterrence & Criminal Attempts

Published in Canadian Journal of Philosophy

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Contracts & Public Goods

Published in Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy

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